Welcome to the world of 3D visualization!

In our modern era, powerful visual impacts surround us more and more, making it essential to see the details of our ideas in realistic representations! Photorealistic visualization provides unparalleled assistance in this regard!
Whether you are planning a home renovation or just want to see a room before starting the transformation, I am happy to offer advice and help turn your ideas into plans. You can view these plans in the handed-over photorealistic images, and if you are not satisfied, we can make modifications.
My work is characterized by a commitment to quality, precision, flexibility, and customer-centricity.
I create realistic 3D visual plans using state-of-the-art software programs.


I am Tímea Matolcsi, 3D architectural visualization artist.

I studied economic in Budapest and worked in the tourism sector for years, which I loved, because one of my passion is traveling.

I am wife and mother of two small child, which I love too, because my dream was always to have my own family.
I live in a 100 years old country house with huge garden, which we rebuilt with my husband, this was another „dreams come true”.
I am an artistic person, I love architecture and interior design and after the birth of my second child I wanted to be a freelancer, so I thought that I could learn the 3D visualization.
My husband deals with apartment and real estate renovation, so we can expand our business with another service.
And here I am, living my other passion, working on 3D architectural visualization projects. I love it from the planning to the final photo rendering.
I hope to welcome You soon as my next satisfied Client!


Interior design 3D visual design, interior visual designs

Photorealistic 3D visualization of interior spaces, even just one room at a time.
Bringing the plans of interior designers, decorators or even private individuals to life through 3D renderings, creating photorealistic visualization.

Architectural 3D visual design, exterior visual designs

Photorealistic 3D visualization of residential houses and properties with various functions, seamlessly integrated into a real environment – detailing facades, gardens, and immediate surroundings.

For private individuals, interior designers, architects, property developers, construction firms, and 3D visualization studios!
You can start selling the properties you plan to build in the future with my visual plans even before construction begins! Step into the real estate market with high-quality, representative marketing materials at an early stage.
Would you like to present your plans in high quality to your clients, but lack the time or expertise in the field of photorealistic visualization?
Feel free to contact me, together, we can maximize the potential of bringing your plans to life!
Spaces envisioned with 3D visual plans come to life!